Corporate Fitness Programme

Human Body and brain are evolved to function as a result of movement (Physical activity) on a regular basis. Without exercise after the age of 35 our body will begin to lose muscle mass and bone mass. So structured physical activity is important to maintain physical and mental health.

Regular Structured fitness programs maintain

  • A check on Hormone Levels
  • Reduces risk of serious medical conditions like Obesity, Diabetes, Strokes and various kinds on cancer etc.
  • It also gives better brain function
  • Less anxiety and Depression
  • More energy levels and improved focus and concentration
  • Enhanced mood, confidence levels and be more positive
  • Clear thought process and better Sleep
  • It has immediate and long term positive effects on body and brain

TriumphPro structured fitness program are employee centric in serving the corporate employees

Corporate Health Management

Human beings are built to be active. It is a matter of choice whether or not we acknowledge the role of physical activity.

Sedentary Lifestyles, Increased Stress levels, Longer Working Hours, Limited resources and guidance are pushing health & fitness importance back.

Imagine a Corporate where health records are maintained and individual health centric workplace fitness and wellness programs are conducted during the working hours in work place, Proper evaluation and follow-ups are conducted to achieve individual as well as Corporate goals.

Corporate Wellness Programme

Business is important, so are the employees who make it. When they are fit and happy they are more engaged at work. That’s why having a wellness program that works; at work is crucial. Wellness isn’t only about exercise and diet – it’s about every aspect of our being – Physical, emotional and spiritual.

TriumphPro includes a combination of activities, resources and lifestyle changes designed to support a healthy life. While designing, the program identifies employee health risks and intervenes early and motivates them to take remedial measures. The focus of ‘TriumphPro ’ is on employee wellness,

Personal Wellness Coaching

TriumphPro personalized health coaching will result in lasting behaviour changes to accomplish the set individual health targets.

One-on-one employee health coaching & counselling will provide the employee a space to share and discuss personal issues which may not be present in group sessions.

Personal health sessions are conducted by an experienced team of Physical fitness experts, dieticians, medical & healthcare specialists. The specialists will maintain records of Biometric screenings, Health risk assessments, Fitness levels, medical histories etc. which will facilitate personal sessions to design preventive, curative, medical & fitness targets.

Why TriumphPro

TriumphPro has a fun based method to address all the concerns related to employee health and wellbeing. It creates worksite fitness and wellbeing programs because the majority of active employee time is spent at the work place.

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