TriumphPro is a comprehensive corporate fitness & wellness program for professionals who spend most of their active time of the day at their work place.

TriumphPro is the brain child of Triumph PE, a research based physical education, sports and nutrition program for school going children from grades KG to 12 and for colleges too. This program is currently running in over 240 schools, benefitting more than 1,25,000 children in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Maharashtra. TriumphPE offers fun based, child centric physical literacy program approved by NASPE (National Association for Sports and Physical Education), USA.

TriumphPro is a comprehensive,customized and flexible workplace wellness program for corporates encompassing employees’ health education, health promotion, fitness, weight & disease management through range of fitness programs, Sports & recreation activities.


To create a culture of holistic wellness where high energy levels, increased productivity, boosted morale & happiness in corporates prevail.


To get the employees physical foundation correct, resulting in employees showing up to work happy and keen and return home energetic and cheerful.


WHY TriumphPro

Human lives are becoming fast paced with stress levels higher than ever,Reasons to invest in wellness go beyond health and fitness. Research shows that wellness programs can reap big benefits for corporates through

Increased employee productivity

Reduced absenteeism

Creates a culture of well being

Improved employee health and wellness

Boosts acquisition & retention of workforce.

Human lives are becoming fast paced with stress levels higher than ever, longer work days and multitasking, pushing us to become more health conscious. So TriumphPro has a fun based method to address all the concerns related to employee health and wellbeing. It creates worksite fitness and wellbeing programs because most of the employee’s time is spent working.

According to CDC (Centre for Disease Control), USA, many chronic diseases like BP, Hypertension, Arthritis, Obesity, Heart Disease and many types of cancers are preventable through regular physical activity,

Fitness and wellness need not be boring, TriumphPro cares for the employees and provides them with a unique fun based program and anyone who chooses to participate will surely Be-Ne-Fit.

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